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Onboarding: FAQs

The Customer Success Onboarding Program provides a fast and efficient process, for helping you build and launch your MindTouch site. There is a lot of information and education that goes into every milestone of the Onboarding Program to ensure you succeed. This article will answer the most commonly asked questions.

Why do we have to do the Onboarding program?

The Onboarding program provides a structured introduction of best practices to the MindTouch application. You are provided with a dedicated point of contact to guide you through the program. You will also be introduced to the MindTouch Support team for any necessary technical assistance. The MindTouch Customer Success team will be with you every step of the way, to ensure your site is launched successfully to your end users. 

Who should be involved in the Onboarding program?

It is recommended that any stakeholders who will be involved in setting up your MindTouch site, should attend as many of the five (5) milestone meetings as possible. Specific audiences for each milestone include the following:

Beginner training

  • Support agents
  • Engineering
  • Technical writing team
  • Brand identity
  • Site owner

Author training

  • Support agents
  • Technical writing team
  • Site owner

Admin training

  • Site owner
  • Engineering
  • Brand identity

When do we start the Onboarding program?

Once you have confirmed and signed your license agreement, the Customer Success team will reach out to you within three (3) business days to schedule the kick-off meeting. You will receive and email that includes the following information:

  1. Introduction to your MindTouch point of contact
  2. Overview of the MindTouch Onboarding program
  3. Credentials to your MindTouch production site
  4. Scheduling coordination for the kick-off meeting

Do we need to prepare anything for the Onboarding program?

Your MindTouch point of contact will walk you through every aspect of the Onboarding program during the kick-off meeting. In preparation for the kick-off meeting, we recommend that your team review our documentation on the Launch Success Plan.

How long does the Onboarding program take?

There are five (5) main milestones included in the Onboarding program:

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. Beginning training
  3. Author training
  4. Admin training
  5. Launch prep meeting

We try to hit one of these milestones at least once a week to keep the Onboarding program to roughly a five-week timeline. However, based on your team's needs and launch dates, this timeline can be accelerated or adjusted accordingly.

What if I have configurations for my site? When are those covered?

If your license includes any configurations that require MindTouch engineering resources, such as SAMLor Branding, they will planned and integrated in parallel with the Onboarding program. Your MindTouch main point of contact will guide you through the configuration implementation with the MindTouch engineering team. 

How long will it take to launch my site?

The Customer Success team will do everything they can to support you in meeting your launch dates and important milestones. Though the average time to complete the Onboarding program is 4-5 weeks, this can be accelerated or extended to meet the timeline for launching your site. 

What happens after we launch our site?

Once your team has completed the Onboarding program and successfully launched your site, the MindTouch Support team will be your primary channel for any future questions or issues you may encounter with your site. If you are in need of changes to your MindTouch license or support plan your account manager will be able to assist you.

What happens if our primary stakeholder or team changes before we launch the site?

In the event that there is a re-structuring of your team, your MindTouch point of contact will take the necessary actions to ensure that expectations for the project are communicated, and that both teams are in alignment before moving forward with the engagement. In the event that a new team is assigned to the project, the new team will be taken through the Onboarding program from the beginning. 

Does MindTouch offer support if we have resource constraints on our end?

MindTouch does not offer individual or customized services for engineering resources. Please consult professional services to help you brand, translate or otherwise optimize your content.


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