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Kick-off meeting


The kick-off meeting covers what you can expect during your first few weeks with MindTouch. Prior to the kick-off meeting, you may want to review our training videos to get a preview of what will be covered in the Onboarding program. The kick-off meeting is most valuable for site owners and project stakeholders.

Kick-off meeting

Delivery:  Teleconference, recorded upon request (60 minutes)
Focus:  Introduction to the MindTouch Customer Success team & Onboarding program

Audience:  Project owners and stakeholders


  1. Introductions
    1. MindTouch Onboarding Manager
      1. Main point of contact during onboarding process
    2. MindTouch Account Manager
      1. Point of contact for account updates including support plan increases, additional seats, etc.
    3. Customer's team
  2. Roles & ownership
  3. Deliverable overview (led by MindTouch)
  4. Introduce Go Live preparation
  5. Timeline (led by client)
    1. Project dependencies
    2. Significant business milestones/events
    3. Tentative Go Live date/time
  6. ​Support
    1. Your support plan
    2. Support availability
    3. Contacting support
    4. Supported browsers
  7. Confirm stakeholders
    1. Determine support contacts
  8. Early Access Program (EAP) newsletter registration
  9. Access to the MindTouch Community
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