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Administrator training

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Once you have completed the MindTouch author training and you know how to work with content, it’s time to learn how to effectively manage your MindTouch site and users. As you now know from author training, filling your MindTouch site with rich and relevant content is the key to getting the most value out of our software. To create a collaborative environment that actively contributes to MindTouch, it’s important that you empower the right stakeholders.  

Selecting and training MindTouch administrators that can positively impact your content can greatly amplify both the adoption and value of your MindTouch site. Administrator training will cover the advanced features of the MindTouch application. Most of these features are only accessible by having an admin role on your MindTouch site. This article is most valuable for {{admin}} and {{engineer}}.


Administrator training agenda

Manage content

Use the page classification manager

  1. Filter by classifications
  2. Filter by tags
  3. Apply updates to pages

Reuse content

  1. Reusing page contents from a single-source
    1. Reuse the full page
    2. Reuse a section only

Work with templates

  1. Do not modify default MindTouch templates
  2. Create your own templates
  3. Set template types
    1. "New Page" vs. "Content" templates
    2. Local vs. dynamic template usage
    3. Classify your custom template
  4. Global Variables

Apply branding

  1. Basic Branding
    1. Upload logo and icons
    2. Modify look and feel
  2. Future possibilities with branding templates

Launch your site

  1. Configure Google Analytics
    1. Understand MindTouch reports
  2. Add your own domain
    1. Optionally add an SSL (recommended)
  3. Additional ways to extend MindTouch in the future
    1. In-product contextual help
    2. Content IDs
    3. Single sign-on (SSO)
    4. CRM integrations
    5. Extended branding


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