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Go Live checklist

The best way to ensure your site is ready to go live, is to complete the MindTouch Go Live checklist. Using this tool is ideal for auditing your site for any discrepancies, errors and accessibility issues that your end users may run into. Using the checklist ensures you have performed a successful review of all aspects of the MindTouch experience including (but not limited to), knowledge, analytics, branding, security and accessibility.



  1. Have you and your support agents completed MindTouch beginner training?
  2. Have you, your technical writers and subject matter experts (SMEs) completed MindTouch author training?
  3. Have you and your project owners completed MindTouch admin training?
  4. Do you know which MindTouch support plan you have?
  5. Have you assigned your support contacts?
  6. Do you know how to contact MindTouch support?
    1. Email:
    2. Submit a case: https://{{helpurl}}/Support/Contact_Support
  7. Do you know where to find MindTouch documentation?  (http://{{helpurl}})
  8. Have you registered for the MindTouch EAP Newsletter?
  9. Do you know what version of MindTouch you are using?

Go Live coordination

  1. Have you scheduled your Go Live date and time with MindTouch?
  2. Have you coordinated resources (product, support, marketing) at your company to support the go live?  
  3. Have you demonstrated your MindTouch site to all key stakeholders at your company?
  4. Do you have approval to go live with your MindTouch site?

Marketing & press

  1. Introduction to the MindTouch marketing team
  2. Do you have a link on your corporate/marketing website to your MindTouch help site?
  3. Have you configured a link/notice on your old support site to point to your new MindTouch site?
  4. Have you prepared an announcement (press release, blog post, email blast) to inform your customers of your new MindTouch site?
  5. Have you prepared social media announcements (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) to inform customers and prospective customers of your new MindTouch site?
  6. Have you briefed your marketing department on the upcoming go live of your new MindTouch site?

Success Metrics

  1. Is your company capturing, recording and analyzing Net Promoter Score (NPS) on customer support interactions?
    • Example: "How likely are you to recommend MindTouch to your friends and colleagues?"  (1–10)
  2. Is your company capturing, recording and analyzing the customer effort score (CES) on customer support interactions?
    • Example: "How much effort did you personally have to put forth to handle your request?"  (15)
  3. Is your company capturing, recording and analyzing support ticket activity and support ticket deflection?
    • Activity:  Tickets per day, week, month
    • Deflection:  Number of articles used to close a support case per month, year


  1. Have you configured your MindTouch site to connect to Google Analytics?
  2. Have you configured your MindTouch site to connect to Google Webmaster Tools?

Site settings

  1. Do you have a custom domain setup?  (
  2. Do you have a link on your corporate/marketing website to your MindTouch help site?
  3. Do you have SSL configured?
  4. Have you configured and tested single sign-on? (SSO may not be a requirement for all go lives)


  1. Is the logo on your MindTouch site the correct corporate logo?
  2. Do emails sent from your MindTouch site have your company logo displayed?
  3. Have you browser-checked your custom CSS? 
  4. Does your logo display properly on the MindTouch login screen?


  1. Does your MindTouch site contain any empty or blank pages that may be confusing to your users?
  2. Have you setup your content structure? (categories, guides, articles)
  3. Have you reviewed your content for broken links?
  4. Have you applied article types to your articles?
  5. Have you added tags to your articles?
  6. Can you filter your search results by category, guide and article type?
  7. Have you added search recommendations?

Accessibility & security

  1. Does your site contain any sensitive data or PII?  (MindTouch recommends removing all sensitive and PII data)
  2. Have you accessed your site as an anonymous (not logged-in) user?
  3. Have you applied page permissions to content that requires authentication? (agent only, paid-only, partner-only)
  4. Have you disabled/enabled anonymous user registration? (Control panel > Configuration)
  5. Have you updated hyperlinks to articles or attachments that are moving to MindTouch?
  6. Have you added redirects from your old support site to your new MindTouch site?
  7. Have you ensured that any links in you product or marcom site will be properly hyperlinked to the appropriate articles/files in your new MindTouch site for Go Live?

Users & groups

  1. Have you granted your users (customers, partners, authors and administrators) access to MindTouch? (Control panel > Users)
  2. Have you confirmed that your agents, authors and administrators can access and login to your MindTouch site?
  3. Have you created user groups and organized your users into these groups?


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