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Go Live!


Completing the MindTouch launch success plan, signifies that you are ready for the final launch your MindTouch site. Once your site is live and your end users are accessing the site, please contact us so we are aware of this milestone and can congratulate you on a successful launch. We are looking forward to hearing about your continued success with MindTouch!

What can I expect now?

As you continue to evolve your MindTouch site and grow your community, we want you to know that we are here to assist you in any capacity you may need:

  1. Support – As you continue to evolve your site, any issues you encounter should be directed to the MindTouch Support team, in accordance with your support plan.
  2. Accounting – If questions or issues arise in regard to your license pricing, billing or payment schedule, please contact
  3. New business – If at any point you feel your site needs additional integrations or you need to upgrade your license or support plan, you should contact your account manager. They will be able to review plan and pricing options with you.
  4. Account activity check-in – After your site has launched, your account manager will be checking in with you periodically throughout the year, to review your sites progress and advise on best practices.
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