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Go Live Preparation Meeting

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Once you have completed all of your implementation milestones, it’s time to start preparing the go live for your MindTouch site to your end users. The best way to ensure your site is ready to go live, is to complete the MindTouch Go Live checklist.

The Go Live checklist is the best tool you can use to audit your site for any discrepancies, errors and accessibility issues that your end users may run into. Using the checklist ensures you have performed a successful review of all aspects of the MindTouch experience including (but not limited to), knowledge, analytics, branding, security and accessibility.

What do I need to do next?

Your next step is to to coordinate and attend the Go Live preparation meeting. The meeting is about 30 minutes and allows you to collaborate with the MindTouch Customer Success team to ensure a successful go live to your end users. In addition to scheduling the Go Live preparation meeting, the following tasks should be completed in anticipation of your site going live:

  1. Articles – You should have at least 200 articles created in or copied to your MindTouch site.
  2. Redirects – Your old support site should redirect to your MindTouch custom domain.
  3. Accessibility – Your end users should be able to login and access your MindTouch site.
  4. Marketing – Your marketing team should schedule and release all marketing material for your MindTouch site.
  5. Links – Links on your old support site should point to your MindTouch site. Support links on your corporate website should point to your MindTouch site.
  6. Announcement – Your old support site should display an announcement notifying users about your new MindTouch support site. An email announcement around the new site should also be sent to all users and stakeholders.

Who needs to be involved next?

We recommend that at least one representative from the following groups should attend the Go Live preparation meeting:

  1. Your site owner(s)
  2. Your project managers

What is covered in the Go Live preparation meeting?

To make sure our teams are in alignment prior to making your site live, we will be covering the following topics during the go live preparation meeting:

  1. Introduction to the MindTouch marketing team
  2. Implementation milestone review
  3. Go Live checklist review
  4. Go Live date coordination

How do I contact the MindTouch Support team?

As you get closer to go live, it’s likely that you have a question or two for the MindTouch Support team. Our support agents are seasoned experts that are well versed in training, best practices and product functionality. Please use the following resources to get acquainted with your support plan or contact a support agent as needed.

  1. Cases - File a new support case
  2. Support Plans - Review the features of your support plan
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