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Critical mass

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Now that your MindTouch site is nearing a point of critical mass, it’s time to start tapping into additional business channels. For instance, if your support agents use SalesForce, you can quickly deploy the MindTouch managed package to give them 1-click access to search and share articles.

If your support agents use another CRM, you can easily give them MindTouch functionality using the MindTouch GeniusLink interfaces. In addition to your support agents, you should also empower your customers. By adding a ticket form to your MindTouch site, your customers can receive contextual recommendations as they type in their ticket details. Live recommendations lead to an increase customer self-help and a reduction in support tickets.

  1. Best Practices Add suggestions to your search and ticket forms

What do I need to do next?

Your fourth implementation milestone focuses on reaching content critical mass, enriching your content with metadata and preparation for go live date. The following tasks should be completed for your first milestone:

  1. Articles You should have at least 130 to 150 articles created in or copied to your MindTouch site.
  2. Rich meta data You should have applied at least three tags and set article type classifications on every article. Tags and classifications strengthen related articles and increase SEO.
  3. Hyperlinks You should apply at Least three hyperlinks in every article. Hyperlinks help your customers navigate and increase SEO.
  4. Branding You should have completed your branding. This includes your header, footer and content styles.
  5. Marketing Your marketing team should have finalized all marketing material in preparation for your go live date. This should include material to promote your site and build awareness both internally and externally.
  6. Privacy You should have changed the permissions on any sensitive content to Private.
  7. Go Live preparation meeting You should schedule your go live preparation meeting with your MindTouch implementation specialist.
  8. Custom domain You should have completed your custom domain configuration.

How do I integrate MindTouch with SalesForce Service Cloud?

Deploying the MindTouch integration for SalesForce is quick and easy. You can install it right from the SalesForce App Exchange. Most importantly, you don’t have to update or reinstall the MindTouch app. The MindTouch app for SalesForce is part of our standard release cycle and is automatically updated with the latest enhancements.

  1. Install MindTouch for SalesForce Service Cloud

How do I integrate MindTouch into my SaaS product?

Once you have successfully empowered your support agents, you should explore options to increase customer engagement. Much like the MindTouch app for SalesForce, you can easily add in-product contextual help to your software with MindTouch.

MindTouch contextual help is an add-on to your web applications that turns any link into a contextual help modal. Designated help links display MindTouch articles directly inside your application as a dialog, allowing your customers to quickly get the direction they need.

  1. Beginners guide In-product contextual help with MindTouch
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