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Content enrichment

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Once your MindTouch site is launched to your internal teams, we want to make sure you have a plan for an efficient and successful go live to your end users. Please keep in mind that we have experts available to help direct you and your team as you’re enriching your MindTouch site. It is important that you continue to keep momentum amongst your internal stakeholders. Once you reach a critical mass of content, you can begin to focus more on marketing and maintenance. If you need assistance with any tasks, please don’t hesitate to contact MindTouch Support.

What do I need to do next?

Your second implementation milestone focuses on enriching your baseline content, engaging your designers and introducing your project to marketing. The following tasks should be completed for your second milestone:

  1. Contributor Launch – You should have launched your MindTouch site to an internal group of stakeholders including support agents, subject matter experts and sales engineers.
  2. Articles You should have at least 60 to 80 articles created in or copied to your MindTouch site.
  3. Branding You should discuss your branding requirements with your web designer in addition to deploying the MindTouch branding starter kit. Consider leveraging a MindTouch partner to assist with branding implementation.
  4. Templates You should have created basic contributor templates for your support, product and sales teams.
  5. Marketing You should share your go live plans with marketing with the goal of crafting go live messaging to announce to your customers. Consider announcing your MindTouch site on your company's blog, social channels and newsletters.
  6. Go Live checklist You should have reviewed your go live checklist to prepare for final launch.

How do I set up Google Analytics and dashboards for my MindTouch site?

In anticipation of your go live date, you should integrate Google Analytics and configure your MindTouch dashboards. Google Analytics provides a wealth of data that can guide you to make high impact content decisions. Setting up Google Analytics is also easy and free. Monitoring your activity through Google Analytics will allow you to create an environment of continued improvement. You can deploy the MindTouch Dashboards for Google Analytics to get started.  

How do I contact the MindTouch Support team?

As you get closer to go live date, it’s likely that you will have a question or two for the MindTouch Support team. Our support agents are seasoned experts that are well versed in training, best practices and product functionality. Please use the following resources to get acquainted with your support plan or contact a support agent as needed.  

  1. Cases  File a new support case
  2. Support plans  Review the features of your support plan


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