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Contributor launch

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Congratulations! You’ve completed your MindTouch onboarding training! You and your teammates should now have the skills needed to effectively run, grow and promote your MindTouch site. To do so, it’s time to engage other stakeholders that can contribute to the success of your project.

Throughout the upcoming milestones, we’ll provide clear direction regarding the steps you need to take to successfully launch. In addition to providing direction, we’ll also identify key individuals that you need to work with to help keep things moving.   

What do I need to do next?

After onboarding training, most MindTouch customers are ready to launch to internal teams. We call this step your contributor launch. A successful contributor launch includes the following key requirements:

  1. Users – You should have your support agents, subject matter experts, sales engineers.
  2. Articles  You should have at least 20 to 40 articles created in or copied to your MindTouch site.
  3. Custom domain  You should have set up your custom domain (
  4. Logo  You should have uploaded your corporate logo in your MindTouch control panel.

How do I let people know about our contributor launch?

Now that you and your team are actively contributing to your MindTouch site, you will need to elicit feedback from key internal stakeholders. We recommend keeping your internal stakeholders engaged with a customer success newsletter. See our best practice on keeping your users engaged with a customer success newsletter.

How do I contact the MindTouch Support team?

As you get closer to launch, it’s likely that you will have a question or two for the MindTouch Support team. Our support agents are seasoned experts that are well versed in training, best practices and product functionality. Please use the following resources to get acquainted with your support plan or contact a support agent as needed.  

  1. Cases  File a new support case
  2. Support plans  Review the features of your support plan

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