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Best Practice: Simplifying your MindTouch Project Launch

Don't get caught over-engineering your MindTouch launch.  Launching quickly gives you critical insight and helps shape the path forward for your customer success center. This article is most valuable for technical writers, support agents, subject matter experts and site owners.

Why should I conduct an initial launch?

It's easy to get wrapped up in the process of launching the perfect MindTouch site, there's quite a lot that can be configured. The pursuit of perfection, however, costs your customers and prospects time and expertise. In-turn, this costs you renewals and up-sells. The bottom line is: The sooner your customers can access your MindTouch site, the sooner your project will deliver real value to your organization.

As long as you focus on the crucial components, your initial launch will allow you to:

  1. Make informed decisions based on usage
  2. Empower support agents and sales engineers
  3. Gain internal project support
  4. Demonstrate real measurable progress

What steps do I take for my initial launch?



Seed content Logo & icons Launch
  • Drag & drop company logo
  • Drag & drop company icon (favicon)
  • Drag & drop category icons

What advanced configurations should I consider after initial launch?

Once you have successfully complete your initial launch, you can begin to focus your energy on more elaborate configurations.  

Integrate Apply branding Optimize

Customer facing (crucial)

  • Article recommendations on your ticket form(s)

Support agent & sales engineer facing

  • Article search in your CRM
  • Article rating in your CRM
  • Publish content from your CRM

Self-service (light branding)

  • Add custom header
  • Add custom footer
  • Configure content CSS


MindTouch partners



Dashboards & reporting

Content optimizations


MindTouch partners

When can I access my MindTouch site?

Unlike other vendors that take weeks to just turn their software on, MindTouch will have you up and running the same day you sign. Your dedicated implementation manager will greet you with everything you need to know to get started. Your Welcome Email includes:

  1. Your temporary domain
  2. Your admin login credentials
  3. Your onboarding timeline
  4. Your training topics

What is my seed content?

Seed content is a small quantity of high-value content that is used to launch your MindTouch site. Typically, this is anywhere from 20 to 40 articles. Of course, you're going to have more than 40 article in the long run, but it's important to focus your efforts for your initial launch. Simply seed your site with the critical topics. Keep in mind that MindTouch content is very malleable and you can always add more content or reorganize down the line. 

How do I know what my high-value content is?

Below, we provide just a handful of ideas to get you started.  

  1. Look at your web analytics for top search terms
  2. Look at your case management for top case topics
  3. Talk to your trainers to identify challenging topics
  4. Talk to your customers to identify high demand content
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