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Use MindTouch Search (MT4)

What is MindTouch Search?

MindTouch Search provides a decision tree interface that is based on the MindTouch content framework. This presentation of search results allows your users to answer their questions with ease while reinforcing the navigation experience of your MindTouch site.


  • Dynamic decision tree interface that adapts based on the user's selection along with expanding as you add content.
  • Reinforces the MindTouch framework structure to provide intuitive filtering of search results that align with the navigation of the site.
  • Allows Pro Members to rate articles within the search results to provide useful feedback to content managers.
  • Integrates with your customer support flow so that if your users can't find their answer, they can contact support.
  • In place, real time, search results which provide answers faster.
  • All results are shown on a single page so that the user doesn't have to navigate away from initial results to see more. 
  • Track the search behavior for your users to have better insight into their self service flow. 

Search Box

Begin by entering your search query into the search box.


Search Carousel

At the top of your search results, you'll see a number of categories along with the category image for each page (or the default images in this case). By clicking any of these categories, you can filter your search to only return results from that category. The next set of pages in the carousel will be either guide pages or the next subsection of categories. If there are no results under a specific category or guide page it will not show in the carousel. You can also use the arrows on either side of the carousel to scroll and find more categories with which to filter your search.



A table will appear below the search bar, populated with results of your search.


Classification Filtering

Other than filtering by path you can also filter by classification. Only pro-members will be able to see the default MindTouch classifications. Those classifications are Article Type and Stage. Any custom classifications will show to all users in Search. 


The filter icon will appear after performing a search and after clicked will expand the classification options. Once a classification is selected the search results will auto-populate with the filter options.


Back to Top

If you begin to scroll down through the search results, you'll find a Back to top button attached to the top of the page. Clicking this will return the focus of the page back to the search bar at the top.



If you are logged in as a Pro Member, then next to each of your search results you'll find a pair of rating icons with a thumbs-up and thumbs-down symbol on them. By rating the search results up or down, you can affect their position in future searches.


More Results

If you scroll to the bottom of your search results and there are still more to be seen, you will find a show more results button. Clicking this will load more search results into the table.


Contact Support

If you're searching as an anonymous user (not logged in) or signed in as a Community Member, at the bottom of your search results you will find a Contact Support button.  The action performed by this button can be configured by Administrators in the Control Panel's Integration section.


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