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Prioritize structure over search

Your help documentation is a direct reflection of your product and brand. Easy to follow documentation leads to less customer effort, turning users into product experts and ultimately brand advocates.

Why your structure should be your priority

Search is a handy tool, but by the time your users touch that search bar, you've already lost the battle. Truly engaged users roam your pages, hop from article to article and want to learn more and more about your product. To keep your users engaged on your site, you must provide them with a navigation that feels like a journey. Search is only one part of the equation when customers are trying to self-serve. Remember that your content structure should be king.

Instead of focusing solely on your site's search function, focus on your content structure. Users feel empowered when they can easily find what they're looking for without having to enter a search. When do users search? When they can't find what they're looking for. Using search is still a request for help. Do you want your users to feel like they need to ask for help, or do you want to provide your users the experience of figuring something out on their own?

When search is inevitable

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