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Optimize content for search

MindTouch applies web and SEO best practices within the platform.

MindTouch makes it easy for search engine crawlers to find content on a MindTouch site. Each MindTouch site includes an XML Sitemap that links to all public facing content. Top level navigation and breadcrumb navigation provide options access all public pages. Thirdly, we use structured data to show where pages are in the hierarchy in relation to other content to create connections that helps crawlers understand the context and intent of the site.

Google ranking factors

Optimize page titles

A human-readable title reads naturally and allows a reader to immediately grasp the nature of the content. Consider what a user who is unfamiliar with your product and any associated jargon might search for and construct titles accordingly.

Unique and specific
An effective title distinguishes itself from other content and clearly indicates what information will be contained on the page.

Use page summaries

Page summaries provide a quick overview of what is covered in a specific article. The summary is displayed in the MindTouch user interface—specifically in guides and search results.

When creating a page summary, consider adding verbiage that covers the main point of your article and includes words that your users would typically search for to find the article in question. Doing so ensures your users will find exactly what they are looking for when searching.

Add search recommendations for MindTouch search

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