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Recommend articles for specific searches

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Boost pages to be featured as the first search result based on specific search terms.

Recommended searches will show up to two at a time for any specified search query. If more than two search recommendations are set for the same query then the two recommended results are chosen at random.

Create a search recommendation

  1. Navigate to Site toolsControl panel.
  2. Under Systems Settings, click Search.
  3. Click Add a New Term.
  4. In the Search Terms text field, enter the search term you're targeting (this can be a single word or a single phrase, but not multiple terms and phrases).
  5. Enter the Page Location. It's OK to include or your root domain.
  6. In the Result Title field, enter a title for the search results if you would rather override the title of the page.
    rec 3.png
  7. Click Save Changes.

Now when someone searches for that search term it will appear at the top of the search results with (Recommended) next to it. 

    Recommended Search Example.png

Update a search recommendation

  1. Navigate to the control panel.
  2. Find the search recommendation to update.
  3. Click Edit in the right column.
    rec 4.png
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