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Analyze search behavior with Search Insights

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The Search Insights report is a powerful tool that helps you understand the terminology your customers use.

By capturing this information you can understand your customers even more. Building content around terminology your customer is comfortable and familiar with will allow them to understand information clearly and quickly. On top of that, speaking the way your users do can significantly boost your site's SEO rank and drive more users to the right place. Remember, Google doesn't actually do the ranking, it's the people searching who contribute to Google ranks.

Where do I start?

Firstly you'll want to navigate to the Search Insights report by going to your Dashboard > Site Reports > Search Insights. From there you'll see a high level overview of the most common search terms that your users use. Take a look at your most searched queries to determine if there are any new terms you're unfamiliar with or consider not a "standard" term for your product.

Review the trends

You may want to filter out Pro Members or certain groups to segment users who are looking for information in different ways. Next, you'll want to look through your top searched terms to see if any terms stick out to you. Finally, you can use the keyword filter to see all searches pertaining to that specific term. Our graphing system will dynamically update as you apply filters.


Build content around your customer's voice

As you've identified the common trends around how your users are using terminology in your market. Start looking to optimize some of your best content related to these terms. Build out new content with identifiable gaps you've found using this same report. Optimize existing content that isn't fully optimized, using the "Average Position" column to easily find them.

Learn more about Search Insights.

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