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Technical SEO automatically handled by MindTouch

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Technical SEO impacts how search engines can find and crawl your site to create a search index.

Technical SEO factors


MindTouch requires HTTPS connections.

Mobile friendly

By default, MindTouch is fully responsive and optimized for mobile.

Structured data

MindTouch structured data automatically passes meta information to external search engines based on standards.

Title tags and headings

Title tags are generated for all MindTouch pages based off of the Page Title. Page titles are automatically styled as H1 tags.

XML sitemap

Each MindTouch site includes an XML Sitemap that links to all public facing content.

Site navigation

The MindTouch structure creates a natural hierarchy and taxonomy that optimizes content organization for navigation and content relationships. The default navigation also includes many internal links between articles, which has been shown to lead to higher placement in search engines. Top level navigation and breadcrumbs provide access to all public pages.

Friendly URLs

By default, MindTouch creates human-readable URLs that match the page title.


MindTouch automatically creates redirects when pages are moved or renamed.

Useful 404 pages

By default, the 404 page template shows related search results and can be customized for your users.

Site configuration to improve SEO

Content optimization

MindTouch includes additional features to optimize your content for search.

Guided Content Framework

MindTouch Guided Content Framework protects a logical site structure that ensures pages are organized into an intuitive hierarchy and navigation experience. Design an information architecture for your MindTouch site that is best for how your users are looking for your knowledge content.

Make your site public

Not allowing public users access to help content, knowledge base articles, and training materials is a missed opportunity. You can use conditional content in MindTouch to hide competitive or sensitive information from anonymous users.

Control Panel configuration settings

MindTouch is already optimized for compliance with Google Structured Data and you can configure your site with additional values to allow Google to know the purpose of your site.

nofollow tags

The more links you have on a page the less value any one link has, so we use the nofollow tag for low quality or irrelevant links. Some examples of this are site navigation, user-generated content, embeds, etc. By default, MindTouch saves all external links with a nofollow tag. To turn off the nofollow for external links while still retaining nofollow for application and content navigation, contact MindTouch Support.

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