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Filter search results

Review search results page results and filter options.

The MindTouch search results page offers several ways to filter information.

Filtering options

The search results page consists of three major sections:

  • The faceting row
  • The classification filter
  • The results list

The faceting row

The faceting row allows users to constrain search results further to a specific section, instead of having to scan rows and rows of articles.

The classification filter

The classification filter (made visible by expanding the ellipses underneath the faceting row) allows users to filter search results by default or custom classifications.

Pro members can see all classifications, while community members can only see custom classifications.

The results list

The search results list includes the following:

Search results include both individual pages as well as file attachments unless files are attached to a central media repository (in which case only administrators can see file attachments). PDF files bigger than 5 MB will not appear in search results if searched by its text content but will appear in search results if searched by the file name or the .pdf extension.

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