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Structure your content (MT4)

This page applies to:MindTouch 4
LightSpeed Framework templates are structured in order to enable content creation.

MindTouch 4 comes with the following content type segmentations:

Type Description
Category A Category is the highest level of content under the framework. Examples of Categories would be Language, Product Suites, and Product Versions.
Topic Guide The Topic Guide page is a subsection of Category. It is the primary place for organizing content within, for example, a Product Suite or Version.
Topic Topic is subcategory within a Topic Guide, similar to a chapter of a book, that deals with a more defined theme.
Reference As the name suggests, this type of content is used to explain associated functions/definitions that relate to a feature or topic. Reference is ideally used to describe in detail the available settings and controls for a feature in the product.
How-To How-To has step-by-step instructions that lead to a clear end goal or objective. How-To is used when the content answers a specific question such as how something works or how a specific problem can be resolved.


As you are building out your content, use the following hierarchy structure to ensure that the unique capabilities of the MindTouch content framework is properly leveraged:

  • Category (e.g. Language/Product Suite/Version/Other)
    • Product
      • Topic Guide
        • Topic
          • How-To
          • Reference

NOTE: it is possible to have multiple Categories nested so that if you organize by Language, then Product Suite and then Version you can do so in the following way:

  • Category ( Language)
    • Category (Product Suite)
      • Category (Product Version)

To add multiple Topics, simply go up to the Topic Guide page and add a new Topic, as below:

  • User Guide
    • Topic
      • Reference
      • How-To
    • Topic
      • Reference
      • How-To


Having a clear content structure enables ease of navigation and may require thought and planning in advance of building out the content.

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