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Site structure examples

The particular page organization will differ for every MindTouch site, but should follow proper site structure.

MindTouch site structure, which is protected with the Guided Content Framework feature, creates content organization that is optimized for users.

Here is an example of what the structure might look like as well as some structure best practices:

► Video: Structure best practices


Example wireframe of what structure would look like on MindTouch

Article with a sub-article

  • If you need another structural level in your Guide you can add a Reference or How-To article under a Topic, but you cannot add a Topic under a Topic, or any articles under a Reference or How-To. 

Wireframe example of the does and don'ts of adding articles below articles in a Guide

Nested Guides

  • Do not nest Guides inside of Guides

This image shows how you are not suppose to add Guides below Guides

  • Instead, have the Guide live next to the Guide.

This image shows the correct way of putting a Guide next to a Guide or Category

Articles below a Category

  • Articles cannot live directly under a Category.

This images shows that images cannot be placed directly below a Category

  • Articles must live within a Guide to be visible. 

This images shows how articles can only live within Guides.

Categories nested in a Guide

  • You cannot add a Category below a Guide. 

This image shows how Categories cannot be added below a Guide

  • A Category can only live below a Category to be visible. 

This image shows how Categories can only live below other Categories

For your content to be visible, it is important that you follow these best practices for content structure inside of MindTouch.

Video: Structure best practices

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