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Reorder the page hierarchy (TCS)

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MindTouch TCS (legacy)
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This page applies to:MindTouch TCS

As a user you may want to change the order of pages within your MindTouch hierarchy to reflect the way you want information to be presented. Follow this article to learn how to modify the order of the pages within the hierarchy.

How are pages ordered?

MindTouch orders pages in the hierarchy alphanumerically based on the path of the page. Alphanumeric ordering means titles that start with a number will appear higher in priority than titles with letters in them. For example, if you have the pages "Zebra," "1 Giraffe" and "Ants on a Log," the order will be as follows:

  • 1 Giraffe
  • Ants on a Log
  • Zebra

Since it starts with a number, "1 Giraffe" is at the top, followed by the rest of the pages ordered alphabetically.

NOTE: By default, the page title and page path are the same upon page creation.

Changing the default order of pages

As a pro member in MindTouch, you have the freedom to deviate from default ordering to reorganize pages by changing the path (or URL) of the page while still maintaining the page title. For example, to move the article entitled "Zebra" to the top of the hierarchy, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the "Zebra" page in Edit mode.
  1. Click on the plug icon to the right of the title.
  1.  MindTouch displays the URL of the "Zebra" page:
  1. Change the "Zebra" portion of the URL below to "01Zebra" and click Update title.

NOTE: Changing the URL does not change the title of the page. To change the title, simply enter the new title text in the text field above the URL.

  1. The page's URL is updated and now appears on top of the hierarchy. 

Automatic redirect management

MindTouch automatically manages redirects when you rename a page or change an URL. Users who have bookmarked or otherwise saved an old URL are automatically redirected to the new URL.  

Additional Notes

When renaming a page that contains more than 10 sub-pages, we strongly recommend allowing the system approximately 5-10 minutes to fully process the rename before modifying the recently renamed page or any of its sub-pages. While the user interface may report that the single page has been fully renamed, please note that the system may still be processing related sub-pages. Allowing the system this additional time will help ensure automatic redirect management is successful while retaining the integrity of your links. In addition, it may take over an hour for the search index to update and reflect the change in path.


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