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Reorder Articles in Guide Pages

Authors and Editors can drag and drop Article pages (Topic, How-to, and Reference) to reorder them within certain tab types on a Guide page. This allows users to build out the structure of pages according to their preferences or company guidelines.

Only tab types without a pre-ordained ordering strategy allow articles to be rearranged visually. This includes the Topic hierarchy tabs.

Changing the order of the articles manually does not change the URL.

Because the other tab types already have an ordering strategy, rearranging the pages manually would cause a broken tab. You can modify the URL to reorder pages on Featured articles, Tag directory, Article directory, and Path tabs.


In the following screenshot:

✔️ The page Miles Teller could be moved beneath JK Simmons.

✔️ The Early Life, Career, and Biography pages can be reordered within the Reference page they are listed under.

❌ The Career reference page could not be moved beneath the Miles Teller article, because it is not in the same topic page. Moving articles between topics would cause a redirect or a changed URL, so you must use the move functionality to reorder the page instead.

❌ The Miles Teller page could not be moved under the Career page because, according to the Guided Content Framework hierarchy, a Topic cannot be under a Reference page.

Screenshot of two topic pages with 3 different articles under each Topic. Within each Topic, the 3 articles are inside a green box. To the right of the articles is a vertical arrow with arrowheads at each end, showing that the articles can move up or down as the user prefers.


If you don't see the option to drag and drop articles, remember:

  • Only users with authoring permissions can rearrange articles. This includes site Authors, Editors, and Admins.
  • A supported tab type must be used (Topic hierarchy). You may need to enable tabbed view on your Guide page or add a new tab to use this functionality, depending on how your content is already displayed.
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