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As a user browses your site, the transition from one article to the next is key factor of the user experience.

Whether an article did not provide sufficient information or an article was thoroughly enjoyable, having a landing area for recommended articles increases your page views and keeps users well informed and well guided. The ultimate goal of recommended articles is to provide relevant information based on your user's interests. Relevant content keeps users longer engaged on your site and increase dwell time—which not only increases your users' product knowledge but also improves your web search ranking.

MindTouch will stop relating your articles once your site reaches 100,000+ pages. Recommended articles will still be displayed as indexed prior to your site reaching 100,000 pages.

How does MindTouch recommend articles?

For each article your users visit on your site, MindTouch intelligently suggests new articles your users may be interested in. Every article on your site is ranked in relation to the current article. MindTouch uses tags and recent user activity to rank articles and displays further recommended article at the bottom of each article. MindTouch monitors your tags, giving greater weight to very specific tags used in only a few of your articles than to those tags that may be diluted throughout your site. MindTouch also displays the page's summary (up to 150 characters) to provide more insight into your articles.

In order to provide faster processing time, tags that are used in more than one-third of your articles are not considered.

How to hide summaries from your recommendations

  1. To hide page summaries from your recommended articles, add the following CSS to your control panel:
.mt-related-listing-link-overview {
    display: none;
  1.  Your recommended articles now only display the page titles.

How do tags affect recommended articles?

If you have three (3) articles that share the same tag, and two (2) of those articles share another tag, then the two articles with the more unique tag relation will be the primary recommendation when visiting either of the two pages.

Ranking will also depend on other factors such as additional tags or previously visited pages, but the more tags articles share, the more likely articles will be recommended for each other.

When can I see my changes?

When tags are added to an article, there will be, on average, a 15 to 30-second delay before the recommended articles are updated. These times can vary slightly depending on the size of your site and the number of new articles you've created. Anonymous users may or may not see instantaneous changes due to anonymous caching.

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