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Edit template properties

MindTouch allows you to edit your template properties (the template name, description, or template type) via the dashboard.
  1. From the MindTouch toolbar, click Site tools and select Dashboard.
  2. Under Content management, click Template directory.
  3. Find your template and select the pencil icon.
  4. Update template properties as necessary:
    • Title. Update your template title. 
    • Description. Give a short description of your template to let authors who create new pages know when they should be using the template.
    • Type. Choose the template type.
      • Default templates are referenced by other templates for inclusion but aren't surfaced in the Insert Template dialog or the New page dialog. These are useful when you want to reference a certain component in multiple templates and typically used for more advanced use cases.
      • New Page templates will show in the New page creation dialog so that you can create a new page based on the template. 
      • Content templates are displayed in the editor through the Insert Template option.
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