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Analyze your content architecture

The page classification manager can assist you in structuring your site's architecture by identifying weaknesses in your framework. MindTouch is based on a standardized documentation structure for building content frameworks. This structure adheres to specific guidelines to help content managers and authors with appropriate privileges to more efficiently and more productively structure their site hierarchies. The optimal MindTouch structure makes it simple for your users to find, navigate and ingest content.

Recommended structures

The most important thing for you to remember when structuring your framework is that upper-level articles should never nest below lower-level articles. We strongly advise adhering to the following recommended structures.

Suggested framework: Recommended structure:
Category > Category > Guide > Topic > How-to
Category > Guide > Category > Guide > Topic X
Category > Guide > Topic > Reference
Topic > Category > Guide > Topic X
Category > Unclassified Page > Guide > Topic X

Should you be tempted to use any of the non-recommended structures, be aware that you may not be able to leverage the content architecture to provide relevant search results. For example, if your architecture designated a topic page as the parent of a category page, you will not be able to use that structural hierarchy to facet your user's search experience. The same also applies to unclassified pages. Guided Content Framework enforces proper site structure.

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