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Privacy types across MindTouch

There are four different types of privacy in MindTouch:

  1.  Site privacy – determines if a site can be viewed by the public or requires authentication.
  2.  User types – controls the tasks users and groups are allowed to perform globally.
  3.  Page privacy – determines if a page can be viewed by the public or requires special page permissions.
  4.  Page permissions – controls the tasks specified users and groups are allowed to perform on the page.

Roles assigned in the control panel grant global privileges to users and groups; page permissions grant page privileges on individual pages or sections of pages.

How do I prevent online visibility?

If you are considering making your site private, STOP and perform the following test! 

In Google, search for anything relating to our product. If Google surfaces third-party information on your product (i.e. information not authored by you), such as from Wikipedia or other websites, strongly consider taking control of the information circulated on the web. Create a handful of pages that inform the public and set your site up as a public site with private sections.

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