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Create a private section

This article outlines how to create private sections in your MindTouch site to keep sensitive information from public access. 

How to create a private section

Let's say you need to create a private section such as an only internally accessed "Compliance" section on your homepage. Follow the steps below to create the private section:

Step 1: Create a new section 

  1. Navigate to the homepage of your MindTouch site.
  2. Click New on the MindTouch toolbar.
  3. Depending on the content that is to live in the private section, create either a category or a guide.
  4. Name your private section (e.g. "Compliance") and Save.

Step 2: Make your section private 

  1. On the MindTouch toolbar, click Options > Restrict access
  2. Under Page restrictions,  select the Private radio button.
  3. Click Save permission settings.


What's next?

Learn how to grant access to your private section for select users. 

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