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Embedded Path options

Embed MindTouch Paths on a page, in a Guide tab, or in a contextual help window.

While Paths are not searchable themselves, you can embed a Path within a page that is searchable.

Embed a Path on a page

An embedded Path can be rendered on a page showing only the link of the path (along with the path summary and the number of pages in the path) or as an expandable link.

  • The path rendered as simple link: The MindTouch Path in read-only view is displayed without its pages displayed underneath it. Elements of a rendered, unexpanded include:
    • Path title (hyperlinks to Path)
    • Path description
    • Number of pages in the Path
      ​​Screenshot of a collapsed path
  • The path rendered as expandable link: If you choose the Show pages option, the MindTouch Path displays with expand/collapse functionality. Click the plus icon to show the pages in the path. Elements of a rendered, expanded Path include:
    • Path title (hyperlinks to Path)
    • Path description
    • List of pages in path 
    • Page title (hyperlinks to page)
    • Page description
      Screenshot of an expanded path

Embed a Path in a Guide tab

In the Guide, MindTouch Paths are rendered with Path title, Path summary, and the number of pages.


Click the plus (+) next to the Path title to display the included pages.

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