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Edit a MindTouch Path

At some point you are likely to make changes to your MindTouch Path. Whether you want to rename a path, give your path a label, change the path's summary, reorder pages or add or delete pages, or editing a MindTouch Path, it all happens in the path manager.

To find all the pages your paths are embedded on, enter script:mt-learningpath-widget into the search bar.


Navigate to the path manager

  1. Navigate to Site toolsDashboard

dashboard selected on the toolbar.png

  1. In the Content management section, click Path manager.


Edit your path

  1. Find the path you want to edit.
  2. Click the path's Title or the pencil icon in the path's row. 

  1. In the Edit path page, change the path title, path label or path summary. If necessary, click the Manage pages link to add, reorder or delete pages.

You cannot change the path name (the latter portion of the URL) of a learning path. You can, however, copy a path and assign the proper path name. See our documentation on copying a path to rename its path name.

Add pages

Click Add page to path to search or browse for a page to add to the path.

Reorder pages

Simply drag and drop a path page to reorder pages.

Delete pages

Click the X in the upper right to delete a page from the path:

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