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Change the URL of a MindTouch Path

A MindTouch Path name cannot be changed after saving, but you can copy an existing path and save it with a new name.

While the path name (the URL portion) cannot be changed, the title of a path can. Follow instructions to edit a path to change a Path title.

Navigate to the path manager

  1. Navigate to Site toolsDashboard.

dashboard selected on the toolbar.png

  1. Find the link to the Path manager in the Content management section of the Dashboard:


Copy a path

  1. In the path manager table, select the path you want to copy.

  1. Click the copy path icon.

  1. In the Copy path dialog, enter the correct path name for your path and click Copy.

The placeholder text shows the name of the path you originally copied.


Delete the original, misnamed path

  1. In the path manager, select the original path with the incorrect path name and delete it.
  2. Make sure to update all pages on which the original path was used and update the URL.
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