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Add a MindTouch Path to a page

Add a MindTouch Path directly to pages using the editor.

Add a path via the editor

  1. Open a page in edit mode.
  2. Place your cursor on your page where you want the path to appear.
  3. From the editor toolbar, click Elements > Insert path.
  4. From the Add a path dialog, select a path.
    Screenshot of the add path to page dialog
  5. If you want the pages in the path visible on the page, click the Show pages checkbox.
  6. Click Insert. 
    Screenshot of a selected path and show pages checked
  7. The path widget appears in the editor with a dashed border and a slightly transparent Dekiscript call to display the path.
  8. When hovering or selecting the widget, the colors darken and a solid border appears.

Add as many paths to a page as needed.

Edit a path in the editor

There are two ways to change your path link:

  • Double-click the widget to select it and then click the path icon in the editor toolbar
  • Right-click the widget and select Edit path from the context menu.

Move a path

To move your path to another location on your page, hover over the widget until a drag icon appears and then use that icon to drag your widget to the desired location.

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