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Add a MindTouch Path to a guide

Until now, you had no choice but to use the nested structure of topics and articles to tell your users an ordered, step-by-step story. To correctly order articles, you had to number URL addresses, and if you needed to present articles underneath other topics, you had to duplicate content.

With MindTouch Paths you can order your articles any way you want without ever having to create numbered URLs or creating duplicate content. Once you've created your MindTouch Path, you have a choice to embed it either on a page or in a guide as outlined in this article.

Add a path tab to a guide

  1. Navigate to your guide.
  2. Click the plus (+) button to the left of the guide tabs.

create tab in guide icon.png

  1. In the Add new tab dialog, select Path and click Add new tab.


Add a path to your tab

Now that you have a path tab in your guide, select your existing path:

  1. In the path dialog, click Add a path.

  1. The Add a path dialog presents a listing of all existing paths on your site.

  TIP:   If you have a large number of paths, filter results by keyword or label, or sort by title, name or label.

  1. Click the expand/collapse icon to see each path's summary and determine the appropriate path to add.

  1. Click the row of the path you want to embed and click Insert.
  2. Click the plus (+) sign next to the path title to see all the pages of your newly added path.


Reorder paths in a tab

You can add multiple paths to a tab along with multiple path tabs to a guide. If you have multiple paths in a tab, you can reorder them by dragging paths to the correct position:


Delete paths in a tab

The ability to delete a path appears when you hover over a path in a tab. Click the X in the upper left to trigger the deletion confirmation dialog.

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