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Manage classifications and tags

Classifications and tags help your users get to the most useful content real-time through recommended articles and to quickly find articles in certain stages of a workflow. With the page classification manager, easily manage your content's classifications and tags:

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Content management > Page classification manager.
  2. Filter content to narrow your selection and select the page(s) you want to manage (A).
  3. Select the classification(s) you want to assign to your selected pages (B).  

You cannot remove classifications from a page through the page classification manager. Selecting No change will not remove classifications. To remove classifications, you must visit the individual page and manually remove classifications.

  1. Add or remove any tag(s) as necessary (C).
  2. Click Apply changes and confirm change(s) when prompted.


To select all pages, click the checkbox in the table header.

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