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Identify misclassified content

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

To ensure your users can find the most relevant content related to their search, always place a higher-level article above a lower-level article, never the other way around. But mistakes can and do happen, and content may accidentally be mislabeled. But not to worry, the page classification manager can help you identify any mislabeled classifications so that you can fix your site structure.

How to identify misclassified content

  1. Open the Page Classification Manager.
  2. In the Filters section, select Category from the Article Type drop-down list (A).
  3. Select the path that contains the Guide in which you want to search for mislabeled content (B).
  4. If your search does not return any matching results (C), hurray! You did a fantastic job in properly classifying your Category pages. 
  5. If your search does return results, select the article(s) and update classifications as necessary. 
  6. Repeat as often as you wish for any article type.



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