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Downloadable Reports

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
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Some MindTouch reports include the option to download a CSV of the data.


Reports with download options

Reports are available either through the Control Panel or Dashboard. The download links within MindTouch reports vary depending on the report.

Control Panel downloadable reports

Users - look for a Users CSV button.

User2Group - look for a Group Membership CSV button.

Groups - look for a Groups CSV button.

Dashboard downloadable reports

When you access certain reports through the Dashboard, look for a Report download section with a drop-down menu to select a time period and a Download button. This download method applies to:


Community Scoring Report - look for an info box right above the report chart and click "CSV file" to download.


Content Aging Report - look for an info box right above the report chart and click "CSV file" to download.


Page Classification Report - After you specify filters and the table populates with the pages meeting the filter criteria, select one or multiple results in the table to activate the Export list of pages button.


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