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Media Manager FAQ

Q: Can I make bulk edits to the media files on my site?  

Yes, bulk and individual edits can be made to all media assets such as edit, replace, and delete available within the media manager.  

Q: What file types does Media Manager support?   

Expert Media Manager supports the following file types:  

  • .pdf – Adobe PDFs 
  • .doc – older MS Word docs 
  • .docx – newer MS Word docs 
  • .pptx – newer MS PowerPoint presentations 
  • .xls – older MS Excel spreadsheets 
  • .xlsx – newer MS Excel spreadsheets 
  • .odt – OpenDocument Text 
  • .odp – OpenDocument Presentation 
  • .txt – plain text 
  • .rtf – rich text format files 

How do I know where my media is being used across my site?  

The Media Manager reporting can show you where each asset is located across your site. It also can identify any broken links as well as missing and default ALT text for accessibility.  

Is this media manager accessible across my localized sites?  

Not at this time. Each media manager is accessible on a single site.  

Is there a maximum number of assets I can have on an article?  

No, because the assets are managed centrally, there is no limitation within the articles themselves.  

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