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Media Manager

Overview of Media Manager, how it works, and the benefits of using it to manage your media assets site-wide.


Enterprise knowledge management often includes an asset management process, whether it is for PDFs, images, Word documents, or Power Point presentations. Media Manager helps you maintain these assets by providing in-product functionality to organize assets, bulk edit, bulk delete, and add accessibility assets to all attached media. This enables you to easily design and manage your self-service experience at scale.

Key Features and Functionality

  • Add images and attachments to articles with the same methodologies you are already familiar with.
  • Manage all attachments in the Dashboard.
  • Select attachments from the Media Manager on an individual page.
  • Organize your site's attachments with custom folder structures.
  • Make global changes for attachments, like alt text and image updates, that push out to all pages.
  • Search for global alt text. 
  • Mass upload expedites the image upload process.


  • Reduce the time needed to manage content by having it all stored in a single location.
  • Increase your site's overall efficiency by keeping all assets in a centralized location with global actions.
  • Improve collaboration with Seated member access.
  • Increase the media information that is displayed.
  • Improve accessibility for site visitors.
  • Maintain a similar workflow for content creators.

User Experience 

By default, the collections Media:Public (set to Public) and Media:Private (set to Private) will be created by default.

A radio button for "Media" has been added to the file hierarchy tree so you can add files to Media Manager within that screen.

Media Mgr UX screenshot

Media Manager also works with the Search in Image selector.

Media Mgr UX screenshot2

In the Editor, Global alt text is auto-filled in the image dialog. If this value is changed, the global alt text will be overridden.

Media Mgr UX screenshot3

Media Manager dashboard

  • Multiple files can be uploaded via drag and drop.
  • Move files from root namespace
  • Create collections dialog

Media Manager dashboard

Media Manager Create Collection screen

Collection privacy restrictions via the Media Manager dashboard

Media Manager Restrict Access screen

Collection revision history

Media Manager revision history

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