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Translation workflow with connector implementation

This article offers a visualization of a translation workflow when enhanced by an API integrated connector.

Common translation workflow

Please review the steps documented in the diagram below:

Steps in the translation workflow illustrated above:

  1. Export an archive containing selected articles from your source site with your integrated translation connector.
  2. Unzip archive from the connector.
  3. Push desired content to your Translation Management System (TMS)
  4. Translate content, taking into consideration formatting.  
  5. Pull content back into the connector.
  6. Repackage the archive into its original structure, and zip the archive.
  7. Import content into the destination (local) staging site.
  8. Confirm that content is appropriately translated and formatted.
  • If NO: revert to step (4)
  • If YES: continue to step (9)
  1. Import content into the destination (local) site.
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