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Translation process

This article offers step-by-step guidance for the successful translation of your MindTouch site.

Why should I be concerned with quality translations?

When your user base comes from multiple nationalities and you need to relay complex information, it is imperative that your content is translated truthfully. Browser-assisted translations, while able to translate at best very basic sentences, cannot translate more complex ideas or instructions and leave your users scrambling to decipher the intended meaning. Having your content translated by a translation service is critical to the quality of your content and to the ability to reach the widest customer base possible. 

How to translate your MindTouch site 

We highly encourage that you take full advantage of the workflow below when creating and maintaining your foreign language MindTouch instances:

Step 1:  Build your source site

The source site provides the foundation for your other MindTouch instances. The source site is the site from which all your various language sites pull their core structure and root content. Keep the following in mind:

  • Your source site structure (hierarchy) dictates the core structure of your localized site(s). Any changes to your source structure are carried over into in your localized site(s) upon import.
  • Your source site content should be generally the same across all international markets. Any changes to your source content are reflected on coinciding pages of your localized site(s) upon import.

Step 2:  Add a separate MindTouch instance for each translated site

As best practice, assign each language its own MindTouch instance. MindTouch can localize every instance for your desired language to maintain uniformity across your sites. Maintaining a separate localized instance provides the following benefits:

  • Search rank and user analytics for the foreign market
  • Site search in the foreign language
  • Localized spell check in text editor

If you plan to translate your documentation, contact MindTouch Support or your account manager, and they'll be happy to help you set up your new localized instance.

Step 3:  Request a full source site export

Contact MindTouch Support or your account manager for a full site export in XHTML (Extensible Hypertext Markup Language) format.

Step 4:  Choose a translation vendor

There are multiple resources with an in-depth working knowledge of the MindTouch export available to you.  Please contact MindTouch Support or your account manager for an introduction to any one of these experienced service providers.

Step 5:  Provide instructions to your translation vendor

To ensure a clean translation, you must provide your selected translation vendor with our guidelines for translation vendors.

Step 6:  Import translated content into your localized instance

Once your site is translated, submit the translated file you receive from your translation vendor to MindTouch Support or your account manager for import.

Next steps 

For ongoing translations, review our documentation about translation updates.

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