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Translation 101

The translation guidelines provides your translation vendor clear instruction as to what should and should not be translated. Share this document with your translation vendor prior to conducting your first translation. After completing this how-to you, will be able to export content out of MindTouch, have it translated by an external vendor, and import it back into MindTouch.  

Localization vs. Translation

  • Localization in MindTouch is the automatic conversion of sections of the MindTouch user interface into other languages.
    • Localization affects the MindTouch user interface, except for the body of the article.
    • Language packs are available for purchase.
    • A MindTouch site can have one language per site; adding on an additional language pack requires a new site license.
  • Translation in MindTouch is the programmatic practice of converting the body of your MindTouch article into other languages. 
    • This includes extracting current content out of your MindTouch site, and having it translated by a third-party.
    • Translation workflows are handled directly by the customer by utilizing the MindTouch API.


Exporting Content

Identify the content that you want to export within MindTouch. Then utilize the MindTouch API to export the pages you would like to have translated.

Importing Content

Once your content has been translated, you'll want to push this translated content into your specific-language site. . Importing your translated content can be accomplished utilizing the MindTouch API to create new pages. 

Notes on Translating

MindTouch keeps most custom code (DekiScript, JS, CSS) in <pre> tags so anything in a <pre> tag should not be touched.  In some cases there may be DekiScript inside double curly braces {{dekiscript}} so anything in double curly braces should be untouched also. 

Titles and URLs

The MindTouch export format includes both a URL and Title for each article.  In most cases they are identical with the exception that the URL replaces spaces with underscores. For the translation process it is crucial that the URLs remain untouched. The Titles, however, must be run through the translation process.  

To change the title of a page edit the <h1> section. For example:

<h1 class="mt-export-title">My Page Title</h1>

Maintaining the URL structure will allow future development around a consistent and reusable Information Architecture (IA). Future development efforts will be able to auto-relate multilingual content. The following example demonstrates how a URL and title should look before and after a translation:

  • URL: /security/product_guide/getting_started
  • Title:  Getting Started
  • URL: /security/product_guide/getting_started
  • Title:  Introducción

Language Codes

MindTouch uses a 5-digit language code that includes language and region. This form is most commonly used among translation vendors and is seen as best practice. The following example shows a variety of standard language codes using this format:

  • en-us   (English, United States)
  • fr-fr      (French, France)


Tags will show up at the very bottom of the page. Feel free to remove, translate or add tags. However be sure to maintain the following HTML structure.
<p class="template:tag-insert">
    <strong>Page tags:  </strong>

The class name "template:tag-insert" is very critical here as it will be identified by MindTouch. You may however translate the portions inside the <a> tags.


This section provides a blacklist of content that should never be translated. If changes are made to these items, MindTouch will not be able to support the changes.

Pre sections

Pre sections are used for MindTouch proprietary code and should remain unchanged.

    These sections are used for MindTouch code and should not be translated or removed</pre>
<head> section

This section is MindTouch meta data. The <title> in this section has no effect on the name of the page. If you wish to change the display name of the page, read further under the Whitelist items.

    <meta name="mt-name" value="value"></meta>
    <title>My Page</title></head>

Conditional content

Conditional content can be translated, but be sure not to translate the bolded section below. That is MindTouch proprietary code and should remain unchanged.

<div class="mt-style-conditional style-wrap" if="user.anonymous">
    <p>Conditional content!</p>

Inline DekiScript

Some proprietary code can be found between sections. For example:

{{ if(user.anonymous) { "Hello Stranger!"; } }}

These should remain unchanged.

Structured tags

If you see a tag with a ':' in the name it should not be translated. These tags are predefined in the system and the translated version will likely not be understood by MindTouch.

<p class="template:tag-insert">
    <strong>Page tags:  </strong>


This section provides a whitelist of content that should be translated.

Display name of the page

You can change the display name of the page by translating this section. Make sure to keep the "mt-export-title" class.

<h1 class="mt-export-title">My Page</h1>


Conditional content can be translated. Make sure not to translate any div attributes such as: if="user.anonymous".

<div class="mt-style-conditional style-wrap" if="user.anonymous">
    <p>Conditional content!</p></div>


Any tags can be translated. You can also add new tags or remove certain tags.

NOTE: Tags are often used to categorize and organize pages, so it may not be desirable to translate all tags.

<p class="template:tag-insert">
    <strong>Page tags:  </strong>

Localization Scope

When considering translation, it is important to understand what interfaces are localized by MindTouch.  The MindTouch application is internationalized and has localizations in English (en-us), Spanish (es-es), German (de-de), Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br), Simplified Chinese (zh-cn), and Japanese(jp-jp).  Localization refers to all interfaces that are not content or branding.  The diagram below highlights a typical article and the interfaces that localized, translated and branded.



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