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Mark text as Do Not Translate

This page applies to:MindTouch (current)

This article explains how to mark certain content as "Do Not Translate" in the MindTouch editor. Learn how to mark your content with the special class mt-dnt to indicate that content should not be translated.


The material in this article requires that you have configured a Do Not Translate editor condition along with CSS. 

Mark your text

  1. In the MindTouch editor, select the word or words that should not be translated.
  2. From the Styles menu select Do Not Translate.


  1. The words you selected will be marked in red:


  1. Save the page. Note that when viewing the page the red will not show up in your content:


  1. Now the content is marked with a special class:

<span class="mt-dnt" title="Do Not Translate">SELECT</span>


What's next?

Tell your translation vendor that anything wrapped with class mt-dnt should not be translated.

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