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Localize UI components

See examples of localized components of the MindTouch UI.

Not all localized elements are shown here. See Localization Scope for a full list of localized elements.


Navigation buttons and breadcrumbs are based on actual page path segments, which support any language in Unicode. They are not automatically localized

Previous/next navigation

The previous/next navigation is based on actual page path segments, which supports any language in Unicode. The previous/next navigation is not automatically localized.

Site tools menu


Options menu


Styles menu

Custom styles are not localized.

Image dialog


Status messages


Attachment manager: Filenames and file data (such as the last modified date) are not localized. 



Page rating


Link picker dialog


Move page dialog


New dialog

Template names and descriptions are based on page content and are not automatically localized. Buttons, links and the blank page template will be localized.



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