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Localization scope

Understand what elements are localized by MindTouch.

Some localization steps require assistance from MindTouch Support.

The MindTouch application is internationalized and has localizations for:

  • Danish - Denmark
  • German (de-de)
  • English (en-us)
  • Spanish (es-es)
  • Finnish - Finland
  • French - France
  • Italian - Italy
  • Japanese (jp-jp)
  • Korean - Korea
  • Dutch - Netherlands
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)
  • Swedish - Sweden
  • Simplified Chinese (zh-cn)

The MindTouch platform cannot automatically translate page content. Supporting Unicode means that you can enter your own translated content into MindTouch pages. MindTouch UI elements can be localized.

Localization in MindTouch

  • Localization affects the MindTouch user interface, except for the content within a page.
  • Language packs are available for purchase.
  • A MindTouch site can have one language per site; adding on an additional language pack requires a new site license.​

Localized homepage elements


Localized content page elements


Components that can be localized

  • Tabs
  • Buttons
  • MindTouch Toolbar
    • Options 
    • Edit
    • New
    • Site Tools
    • User Information
    • Move page dialog
  • Page Status Bar
  • Page Attachments [UI]
  • Sign-in
  • Page Rating
  • Page Settings
    • Tags
    • Classifications
  • MindTouch Editor Options
    • Link picker dialog
  • Content Footer 
    • Page Footer Navigation
    • Page Footer Metadata
  • Page and site history

Components that cannot be localized

  • Custom-built interfaces (including custom skins)
  • The control panel
  • Attachment Titles
  • User view and search activity
  • Content aging and community scoring report
  • Page Description
  • Page Template Titles
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