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Google Website Translator

Machine translation plugin

The Google Website Translator is a widget that gives your website visitors an option to view your site in another language. The translated text is generated by Google Translate machine translation.

Google Translate Plugin

You can choose from multiple orientation options and display modes. You can also choose to include all available language options or just select specific languages to display.

Implement Google Website Translator

To embed the Google Translate plugin on your site, follow the Google instructions to show your site in another language.

  1. Website Translator setup page guides you through the options to configure the plugin and generate code for your site.
  2. During the setup process, be sure to enable the option to "Track translation traffic using Google Analytics" to inform your future multilingual strategy.
  3. In your MindTouch site, copy the provided code snippet into the Page HTML Tail section in the Custom HTML via Control Panel.

Plugin limitations

The Google Website Translator only provides page-level translation. Using the plugin does not enable users to search for your content in other languages. This applies to the internal MindTouch search as well as Google, because your website is not indexed in other languages when using this plugin. Therefore, there is also no SEO benefit and your content will not surface in other regional Google searches.

Also, machine translation is still evolving and widely recognized as inferior quality compared to other translation methods commonly used by translation agencies.

Multilingual strategy

This translation plugin provides a multilingual option when you do not have resources for a more mature translation strategy. Due to the limitations of this plugin, it should only be used as a first step in your multilingual approach. By enabling the Google Analytics option during setup, you can measure usage to prioritize which languages to pursue for your next steps.

Next, explore how to properly translate your MindTouch site. If you have further questions, contact MindTouch experts for guidance.

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