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What is KCS?

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS®), formerly called Knowledge-Centered Support, is a methodology that integrates knowledge creation and maintenance into your operational processes. Problem-solving knowledge is captured in a central repository, often a knowledge base, to be accessed and reused by internal users, customers, or both.

Maintained by the Consortium for Service Innovation, the methodology began in 1992 and updated to KCS v6 in mid-2016, which is also when the name changed from Knowledge-Centered Support to Knowledge-Centered Service. The Consortium for Service Innovation is a non-profit alliance of support organizations and a MindTouch customer.

KCS becomes the way people solve problems and creates knowledge as a by-product of problem solving.

KCS Methodology

The value of the methodology is that knowledge becomes demand-driven and self-correcting by the people who use it every day.

There are 3 main components:

  1. Knowledge - articles, the output
  2. The Solve Loop - a reactive process
  3. The Evolve Loop - a reflective and continuous improvement process

The methodology is designed to:

  • Integrate the reuse, improvement, and creation of knowledge into the problem solving process.
  • Evolve content based on demand and usage.
  • Develop a knowledge base of collective experience to date.
  • Reward learning, collaboration, sharing, and improving.

The main benefits are gained in Operational Efficiency, Self-Service Success, and Organization Learning and Improvement. 

KCS Principles and Core Concepts

There is no single best way to implement the methodology, as long as the key principles and core concepts are adopted.


  • Abundance
  • Create Value
  • Demand Driven
  • Trust

Core Concepts

  1. Transformation and Continuous Improvement
  2. Buy-In At All Levels
  3. Leadership is Required
  4. Collective Experience
  5. Collective Ownership
  6. Seek to Understand Before Seeking to Solve
  7. Sufficient to Solve
  8. Knowledge Integration
  9. Coaching for Success
  10. Assess Value

How to implement KCS

It is essential to leverage technology that properly integrates the methodology.

How MindTouch capabilities enable KCS Practices
KCS v6 methodology outlines 8 Practices with specific techniques. See how MindTouch functionality can support KCS methodology.
Pages: 8

KCS Double Loop Process - Solve and Evolve

The Solve Loop

  • Practice 1: Capture - Capture knowledge in the moment, capture the requester's context, searching is creating.
  • Practice 2: Structure - Use a simple template, use complete thoughts instead of complete sentences.
  • Practice 3: Reuse - Search early search often, seek to understand what we collectively know, linking.
  • Practice 4: Improve - Reuse is review, Flag it or fix it, license to modify.

The Evolve Loop

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

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