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KCS Practice 3: Reuse

The techniques for KCS® Practice 3 aim to leverage existing knowledge to gain operational efficiency. Adopt the practice to search the knowledge base first when beginning to address an issue or question.

Technique 3.1: Search Early Search Often

The shared repository of knowledge, usually called a knowledge base, becomes an integral part of customer interactions. If content has been correctly authored with the user's description of the issues, then searching with the user's words will return results if the issue is already known.

KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Search the knowledge base in real-time MindTouch search automatically indexes new content and adapts to serve more relevant results over time.
Search must be integral part of all knowledge worker process Interact with MindTouch functionality and content through various system or web integrations. Read about the search-in-place Touchpoint.


Technique 3.2: Seek to Understand What We Collectively Know

Leverage collective experience, stored as existing content in a central knowledge repository, to enable more efficient issue resolution.

KCS Method MindTouch Capability
Work In Progress articles visible to all who work in a given domain Flexible page permissions allow custom groups to be granted specific access to pages or groups of pages.
Teach people how to search effectively MindTouch includes search faceting - users can refine search results to find what they need.


Technique 3.3: Linking

Connect issue resolution records (tickets, cases) to KCS articles to measure usage and inform efforts during Evolve Loop activities. Measure article links over time also demonstrates KCS process adoption and success metrics.  

KCS Method MindTouch Capability

Link to an existing KCS article

Connect articles to support cases inside of ticketing systems to generate linked relationships. Read about the Touchpoint for Salesforce.
Articles can act as a context-sensitive index to the other resources Recommended articles - machine learning algorithms surface related articles to users based on the page they are viewing.


From the Consortium for Service InnovationRead more about Practice 3 in the KCS v6 Practices Guide.

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service Innovation™.

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