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Use MindTouch to analyze your site structure

Proper site structure improves your user experience and makes it easier to manage your content.

When looking at your site's hierarchy, you'll want to start by viewing your site's "buckets," your category and guide pages. Your hierarchy menu (found at the top left of your MindTouch site) displays an expandable and collapsible list of your buckets. Using this menu, you can get a high-level overview of each level of category and guide pages in your hierarchy. Think of this as a quick way to get a site-wide overview of the drill-down experience that your customers are going to be experiencing when navigating your site.

View your articles at a more granular level

Now that you've reviewed the high-level overview of your "buckets" it's time to take the next step and review the articles under specific hierarchies. As a content manager, there's no better place than our page classification manager. Here you can look more closely under your category and guides using the path filter and then analyze the articles underneath using the classification and tag filters depending on if you'd like to view them by article type or custom classification workflow you and your team have.

You can also search for articles that are "not classified" by selecting the not-set option in the page classification manager!

Find a specific page you created

We've all been there, you've recently created an article and you'd like to find it. Perhaps it's misclassified, not published, or hidden away somewhere deep in the bowels of your 10,000-page site! We have multiple methods to make it easy for you to find that content. These methods mainly live in your dashboard, such as user contributions where you can choose to see your recent changes and view a specific date and time in your site history. You can also leverage our search (my personal favorite). Specifically when you know a few keywords you put in the title. Wrap those words in quotes to search for a specific phrase you used in your article. Just like this!

View a list of articles under a guide or category

If you have a large site, listing category or large guide contents may cause a long load time for the page on which the code is embedded, and due to the large load, the page load times of other users across your whole site could be affected.

Finally, you may just want an overview of what exists under a guide or category in your hierarchy. Using MindTouch DekiScript you can code like the best of them and find a way to review that easily:

  1. Navigate to any page on which you would like to view this list. If it's just for a simple internal audit you may just want to create a draft or private page that you plan on deleting.
  2. Open your page in Edit mode and add the following in a DekiScript block:
  1. Replace /path/to/page in the code above with the guide or category URL for which you want to view the list.

Keep in mind that your page permissions will still be in affect when this list is generated, so users who do not have permissions to see certain pages will not see them in that list!


With this simple DekiScript function, you can now choose to view all articles under any specific "bucket" in a simple bullet point format, like this:

These are multiple tools you and your team can use to find, audit and understand your site as a whole! If you have any questions about your site structure or about any of these tools mentioned we have even more articles throughout our success site or this page's related articles below!

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