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Search Insights report

The Search Insights report provides data for how users search within your MindTouch site and through your MindTouch Touchpoints.

To access the Search Insights report: go to Dashboard > Reporting > Search insights.

This report does not require any additional configuration and automatically records real-time search behavior. The legacy search report, Search term and queries, will continue to be available too. Both search reports are only available to admin users.

Launch considerations

Customer impact - The Search Insights report does not alter the existing search experience but collects more robust data to inform new insights. Actionable data from this report will improve your customer experience as you identify content gaps and content improvement opportunities.

Employee impact - Filter your Search Insights report by channel (including Touchpoints) and user types. As you identify colleagues who would benefit from gaining insight from this report, you should grant access as needed.

Data history - The new data for this report has been collected since August 7th, 2017.

Report capabilities

  • Discover content gaps in the user search experience to improve or create new documentation. 
  • Analyze trends for different user types to enhance your user experience.
  • Understand user behavior to add context to improve user adoption.
  • Identify keywords to target and organize documentation into topic clusters.
  • Leverage insights to inform and enable other departments such as Success, Support, and Product.


  1. Filter - Adjust the data by specific sources, user types, timeframes, and keywords.
  2. Discover trends - Data visualization provide a high-level overview of the search performance of your site.
  3. Analyze queries -  View high-level metrics for queries or click a query for more details for that particular search.