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Run a usage report on your site (MT4)


MindTouch tracks how your users are using your site by gathering daily metrics. These metrics are shown to you in a graph over your license period. Administrators can see if they are staying within their allotted license usage and gage how MindTouch is being used. Give MindTouch customers transparency in the value they create with daily reporting on usage and a metric for measuring help served: the HelpRequest. 

What is a HelpRequest?

A HelpRequest is an atomic unit of help delivered to a user across any channel such as Success Center, in-product contextual help, and others. Specifically, the HelpRequest is an HTTP(s) request that is either a page view, a search query, a PDF document generation, or a file download. Each of these actions constitute a unique unit of help delivered to a user.  

What is included in a HelpRequest?

  • Page Views
    • We only track pages in the main name-space when possible. Template, Special and User pages are not counted.
  • Search
    • We only count the first search, not any subsequent searches.
  • Files
    • We only count files that are NOT images so as to not count pages that have embedded images multiple times.

How does this compare to Google Analytics

You may see higher numbers than your Google Analytics Report for three reasons:

  1. To provide the MindTouch Help experience, along with page views we also track PDF views, searches, and file downloads.
  2. If you have set-up IP filtering in your Google analytics account these requests will not be filtered with HelpRequests.
  3. HelpRequests in general are a more thorough and direct analysis of the usage of your MindTouch site based on data directly from our API. 

First Step

Navigate to the report section of your MindTouch site. 


Second Step

Understand the usage report.


  1. How many HelpRequests your MindTouch site has used to date.
  2. How many HelpRequests you are licensed for your current license period.
  3. Your projected usage of the license YTD if your usage rate stays as it currently is.
  4. Your license start date.
  5. Your license end date.
  6. Graph of your HelpRequest usage.
  7. Baseline usage that you are allotted. Try to stay as close to this line as possible.
  8. A breakdown of how your HelpRequests are spread out over various MindTouch products.

What's next

If you have further questions about your MindTouch usage please contact your account representative. Check out how to track usage of your custom API integration.

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