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Content Value

Content Value
MindTouch reports deliver insight into the usage and efficiency of your content.

Continuously monitor how your customers are using your site and provide actionable data to improve content and workflows.

Why use MindTouch reports?

  • Maximize ticket deflection. Your MindTouch site is your customer's main point of help before contacting your support team. Aside from optimizing your content strategy, understanding how your customers are obtaining help, as well as if they are successful or struggling, is crucial to maximizing your support team's ticket deflection.
  • Gather intelligence for strategic plan improvements. MindTouch reports give administrators the insight they need to contribute intelligence for strategic plan improvements. Reports include both graphical and detailed information for specific targeted areas of interest. In addition, reports can be focused in a specific date range for a more granular understanding.
  • Empower content strategists. With user behavior data, MindTouch provides insight for content strategists to rethink structure and content to best serve the customer.

MindTouch reports are only available for Pro members with an administrative role.

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