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Manage page notifications (TCS)

Applies to:
MindTouch TCS (legacy)
Role required:
This page applies to:MindTouch TCS


MindTouch helps all members manage their page notifications. Here's how:

Navigate to Tools > Page Notifications

Note: Only Pro Members have the ability to subscribe to Page Notifications.

Toggle On or Off Which Pages You Subscribe to


By clicking on the gray circle-x next to each page you're subscribed to (1) you'll unsubscribe from notifications for that page. The gray circle-x will turn into a large red X and the entire row for that page subscription turns pink. Click on the large X (2) and you're re-subscribe to that page's notifications. Note: if you navigate away from this page, the changes you made will are permanent. So if you unsubscribe to a page it will no longer be listed if you refresh this page or come back to it later.

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